Dear Valued Customers, 

Effective Fall 2015, Bruce Custom Awnings has sold the Residential segment of our awnings company to The Awning Company USA.  After careful consideration, we have decided that due to the high volume of work that continually needs to be completed for the Transporter and Commercial segments of our business, we will no longer be producing or servicing residential awnings.

From this point on, The Awning Company USA will continue to service all of our residential awning customers, and will operate their residential awning business under the name Hogan Awning.

The Awning Company was founded by Tim Eippert and Alan Szarek in the Spring of 2004.  Tim Eippert is the President and CEO of the MC Sign Company, a nationally known and respected sign company.  Alan Szarek is the Vice President of MC Building Services, LLC and has exceeded 20 years of experience within the awning industry.  The Awning Company USA team is comprised of dedicated, trained industry professionals with over 30 years of experience in architectural awning solutions.  They offer a full spectrum of in-house professional services from Design, Engineering, Project Management, Auto-CAD Drafting, Welding, Industrial Sewing and Installation.  Each team member shares the owners’ vision of providing unique, quality work with an unsurpassed commitment to excellence. (Source:

We are confident that The Awning Company/Hogan Awning will continue to offer the customer service and quality awnings that you have come to expect from Bruce Custom Awnings.

The Awning Company/Hogan Awning will be taking over all quote requests, awning production, cleaning and repairs, set-up and take-down, and storage needs.  The Awning Company/Hogan Awning will be responsible for installing your awnings in the Spring of 2016.  They will be sending out cards for requests on set-ups before the end of winter. 

Steve Lewis and Jim Hogan will be continuing to work with The Awning Company/Hogan Awning throughout this change to ensure a smooth transition and continued customer satisfaction. 


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us:

Bruce Custom Awnings:

Steve Lewis, Awnings Director: 440-772-1345                                

The Awning Company: 216-341-1400 


Thank you for being a valued Bruce Custom Awnings customer.

It has been a pleasure working with you all!